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salon, ibrahim, perpetual motoin food, calender

salon. introduction of Ibrahim, introduction of Perpetual Motion Food (through the person of Ibarhim) the bike race.. the calendar, AJ insults Rachilde,


actors: AJ, ibrahim

location: thomas




in the making

AJ: Madame, let us introduce you to Ibrahim who not only is a man of letter but also of chemist and the inventor of perpetual motoin food, the super drink for all cyclists... C'est le faiseur des faiseurs, der Macher der macher.. a man trading in essence and physical poetry.

Rachilde: Welcome here, a club more and more reserved for bicyclists, magicians and the excellency of a perpetually mutatiing Alred Jarry, the crown witness of the promise to reverse days and nights wiht a switch of a lightbulb,

I: It is a plaisir to be here.

AJ to ibrahim: please have a drink, mon ami.. and explain, why we should indulge in your magic food. isn' t it that you tested it on yourself and therefore progressed vertically ...

i (interrupting): yes.. My product turned first into vertical magic and made me gain nearly half a meter in size. but i realized that if i wanna caputre a world market i need to expand horrizontally, by numbers, through physical abilities that can be translated into motion, into bicycle-speed

AJ: oui, perpetual food rocks et bouges ce qui roule. (don't translate.. - we leave french/ english mixture, a little anachronism)

R: messieuers, one day. me too, I iwll ride the bicycle down the street and peple will wonder... but for the time being ..Im still afraid of the killing PEDESTRIAN..

AJ: ah.. you remember...

========here we see AJriding down adn colliding wiht a pedestrian who goes crazy and runs afterhim...

wiht voice over.. some kinod of a collisino.. filmed in aubervillier

((( text from the pedestrian killer)))0 worlked in here


small talk. people walking around.. and some woman (could be places by fabrice ) camera focuses in: :

R concerning UBU Roi...

AJ: madamme, we were thinking of Rusian revolutionaires who will see us play and get inspired.. and end up killingl the Royal famliy. We want them to install a regime of terror that will rule Russia and Poland throughout the coming 20ht century !

M: but that is terrible, aweful ... how could you have written such a play...

Aj: ma- damme.. , think of the past and the present, when humanity invented the bicycle it was claer that some day . somebody will go on and turn them into flying machines, large multiple flying carpetes, or even two store houses... (pauses looks around) and Perpetual Motion Food that my friend Ibrahim created will lead men to believe in the hybris of human manipulation. Isn't it better we first see these things on stage before people go out and implement them? isn't it it better we hammer them out in front of our bourgeois audience that has appetite for investments during the day and hypocricy after work!!!??

R Alfred Jarry,!!!! vous etes sans cesse epateur, diseur de monstruosite et de bizarreries!!!

AJ: "Ouui, Ma-da-me! vous avez un bien mauvais caractere! Vous etes une quantitee negligeable d'atomes crochus. Mais nous vous accordons une qualite: vous adore ce qui roule. .... mais il faut savoire.... we are in no position to educate and change the world of course, and we can only promote UBU, love, bicycle-love (amour bicyclette) , and the reality of our new calendar ...

M: pardon, vous disez, calendrier? what callendar:

AJ nous avons decide, we have decided. that we will, from now on, . les fetes a nous, celebrate our festivities.. and celebrat on July 14 the fete du pere UBU.. and ST. amour will be on august 9th followed by Sainte Marmelade and Saint Farce. and (addressing himself to another man ) And on July 25 also you should never anymore ignore St. Cul , the day we advise all women to stay home at night... if they don' t want to ...

M: alfred, silence !..vous etes impouventable.

we see.. him now.. freeze and star at something... and the lady moves away

AJ: also, be aware.. we also have a bicycle day, october 18... .. fete de ce qui roule - and people born on that day will have wheels... bike wheels and promote the horseless and machine less solutoin of all urban mobility.

Male actor (don't lknwo which one): do you think there will also be bicycle art...l'art-bicyclette ?

AJ.. oui madamme.. we have Fishing art, we have Reading art, we have Shooting art.. we have even the art of Refusing to pay

R: oui,, you also have the art of absinth.. , l'art -absinth ...n 'est ce pas?

AJ: yes, and the art of Shootling monuments while bicycling under the influence


Ibrahim: Mademoiselle, est ce que vous voulez goutes.. do you wanna taste some of my special food, ?

Rachild: qu est ce que cela va donnez comme effet.. which effect wil it have?

I: you will see... you might stop writing poetry with ink and change to the new, rat resistant rubber and machine oil that feeds chains..


R: is this RAT RESISTANCE the reason why you add not only vinegaire but also ink to your absinth?

AJ takes more absinth.. with ink.. and vinegaire..

she asks:

R: ......Ca peut donc s'avaler, pere Ubu, ce poison?

AJ: Certainment et ca vaut bien vos tasses de the, Ma-da-me! Au mois on n'est pas oblige d'avaler, en outre, les converrsations de vos belles amies, puisque vous avez pris la deplorable habitude de recevoir des femmes....

R: Arretez ... she takes his bottle.. he doesn't.. let her

AJ: half drunk: ca endort meiux, ca vous laisse les mouvements libres, ca sent bon, puisque vous le dites, et ca detache!"

he kind of feels bad and seem to faint.. and she tries to hold him asking him

R: here have some water:

AJ: rejecting it.. by throwing hte glas of water onthe floor: AJ in general:: l'eau = liquide impur dont une seule goutte suffit a troubler l'absinthe)

\---to Rachilde AJ: YOU, who drinks only water... Vous vous empoisonnez, Ma-da-me, L'eau content, en suspension, tous les microbes de la terre et du ciel, et vos sucreries, qui forment votre principale alimentation, sont des alcools a l'etat rudimentaire qui saoulent bien autrement que des spiritueux convenablement expurges par la fermentation de tous leurs principes nocifs.

he breaks down.. the camrea moves away