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Scene: absynth - debts done

Drinking. Bar, ... speaks of his debts. and his hatred fro water.. drinks some water, falls sicks


actors: aj, sengle, yaki (painter)

location: bar,

props: gun



AJ drunk

sengle(docotr): you are going to kill yourself with your drinking.... it is suicide

AJ: ((parts found in SPECULATIONS)_) did you know that debt repayment deadlines and suicide are two phenomena which often coexist....

Sengle: suicide has the advantage of being a mathematical constant. Do you refer to that?

AJ: The yearly suicide count, in all countries having shopkeepers and debt repayment plans, is only cumulatively constant. If one examines the graph of suicides of all types, one discoveres the same peaks at distances of 5, 15, 25, and 30 days, which are nothing ohter than those days of the month fixed for the repayment of loans and rents.

Sengle: meanwhile.. how do you pay your drinking, don't you want to be careful?

AJ (from rachilde book): Les patrons de ce bistrot n'osent pas me reclamer les sommes considerable que je leur dois depuis deux ans, parce qu'ils savent tres bien qu'ils perdraient ma clientele s'ils en exigeaient le paiement! Mais si je restais deux jours sans venir prendre mon absinthe, ils n'hesiteraient plus et me mettraient le couteau sur la gorge. Je bois pour ne pas payer ce que je dois!"

Yaki whispering to Sengle so AJ doens't hear it: car c'eait Demolder qui sans rien dire paye chaque semaine tout ce que jarry prend depuis deux ans chez ce bistrot

AJ: what are you saying?

Yaki: I just told him that I didn't like hte last paintings by Paul Cezsanne. they are too ...

AJ: interrupts : stop, I love these paintings.. they are made as if painted with absinth ... the mountaintains are liquid and pure and resist all fixed forms.

Yaki: yes, that is the problem. they are too flat... and htere is no deepness and the colors ...

AJ exploiding and taking his gun: "Un mot de plus et je tire."

peopel disperse and are chocked and kidn of step back and ran...

Sengle stays: tu exagere ! (putting his arm of AJ..

Aj: 9wiht smile) did you see, this Bulldog (kissing his gun) is also an art critique ....

(stop here or add:)

Sengle: I see, plus you could collect debts, kill and commit suicide.. You remind me of this Austrian man who killed his entire family of fife with an axe after having gone bankrupt.

AJ: none of it is needed... (adressing himself to the waiter) Absinth... !!