download: the illustrator file: needed to cut the venyl (but not positive - negative: it needs to be painted: so it is a trans mask stencil

instasllation layout:

this could be an ideal installation outlook:



I based it on 4.5 meter high walls --- the higher the walls teh better

in particular I was thinking of one of hte rooms in the museum at the end on the right hand side.. (where the ruppersbrecht show was) one of htese rooms on the right...

(this is only a suggestion and a layout for ideal presentation.. -- but you see how the material is going to look - there will be an editoinal TV wiht screening of sevilla... )









teh google logo must be in black.. -- this is a screen grab and not be used by the cutting machine as an illustrator file. the cutting person needs to redraw it and create outlines.

it is important that the you don t just use a times or other font substitute but acutally cut the outline. the google font is nearly impossible to get. you can actually google the name of the font if you don't believe me. I once did and found that name but nobody has this font.. so the best thing - as done in the past - was to redraw it and create new outlines for hte cutting machine

here click to download the illustrator file:

also be aware, iti s imperative that the size of the text starts right at the bottom of the wall (no distance) and has only a small distance form teh floor.. it needs to give the imporession that it floats into the floor and continues below.. !.. so you need to first find out the exact wall and then measure it and define the length.





DVD - Fanon 90 min... most segments 5 min - date listed

Lire Frantz Fanon, Nice, 12/17.2001

Reading Frantz Fanon, London 1/17/2002

Lire Frantz Fanon, Paris 1/22./02

Reading Frantz Fanon, Utrech - tape not found

Frantz Fanon Lesen, Bremen - tape not found

Reading Frants Fanon, New York 9/8/02

Reading Frantz Fanon, Brooklyn 9/8/03

Leggere Frantz Fanon, Bergamo 5/26/03

Lire Frantz Fanon, Geneva (Evian G8 protests), 6/3/03

Reading Frantz Fanon, New York 11/4/03

Reading Frantz Fanon, Halifax 2/21/04

Reading Frantz Fanon, New York 1/31/05 (MOMA)

Lire Frantz Fanon, Bourges 3/2/06

Lire Frantz Fanon, Paris 3/4/06 (La Génerale - Squat)

Reading Frantz Fanon, Washington 4/26/06

Leer Frantz Fanon, Sevilla 6/30/06