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woman arrives , wants love, gets spanking instead.. - erotic realism, serious on the edge --it is erotic for the woman.. but not for him. he kind of distances himself throught the machine. doesn't want to touch her...but enjoys the mechanism, decallage/discrepancy between his pleasure and her pleasure.. (rahter hysterical and "exagerated faked " "i wanna believe it my ... pleasure kind of fakery"

he annoyed.. but enjoyes the annoyance..

actors: AJ, woman (veille dame),

location: AJ apartment. Laboratoire

props: AJ hoime propts. plus bike wheel. modified, gloves, other accessories of vielle dame...



I m missing french/ englsih dialogs. since i have them in german - will be added soon


AJ sits and reads hte TUA RES AGITUR letter; ...."Ich besitze eine Macht, die groesser.. / je suis en possesion d un pouvoire

(we will read everything and later edit out) - but in particjualr the personal stuff (( MOST LY EDIT IT OUT..))

also he has all the depeches.. / the telegramms he reads as well sept 15 9h15 / ALL OF THE TELEGRAMS


THEN SHE ARRIVES: he still reading:

she knocks the door: he opens:

Vielle Dame (in a strange deep voice): wasn't it that we had an appointment.. I have come here several times...

AJ: pardon, madame.. we were very occupied with the natural course of things - fishing, reading, shooting, bicycling and the like .... this evening your voice souonds more agitated then usual

VD: yes, I have no common voice... mon cherie.. (she caresses him and gives him as a present another bronze dick ) and i know how much you like them.. this oine i found in germany and was supposed to be casted life size....

he takes it.. but doens't comment on it.. he touches it a bit, turns it and put it on the side.. but doens't pay much of an attention.. rather starts playing iwht hte bicychle wheel...

hte VD (old lady) continues.. and gets into a really annoyed ton,switchen mood and expressing disappointment: walkinga bit aroun diht eapartmetn

Fife times I have changed my dress.. (from the text the entire two pages as a dialog.. while he plays iwththe stuff.. and we make a selection on the scene.. before filming. )

lucien is AJ. utters very few things..::: like lucien in the text


at one point.. AJ becomes engaged and pulls her on her dress .. starting to pull down her dress.. and putting her in poistion. while she sitll talks about chastity.. ... "precisely becuase of this exdessive chastity I get locked up once in every 5 years .. "

and he starts...

AJ; madame... calm down. madame,.. calmez vous.... we promised you full satisfaction trying to set up the wheel / the machine playing it .. and this time you are getting it.. .. and there will be no need anymore to send us letters and notes or to wait at the door for hours.

VD: oui.. oui... ...

AJ: yes. but we are delighted to serve you now with this new machine that we wanna name perpetual motion machine, an auto-mobile that works by hand and propells art historical inspirations.

VD: she is kind of wispering: you mean imagination since the pleasure of your caressings are hard to be met with kisses.... she passes and plays with the machine.. doesn't alk and underesses her back.. and ask sudenly turning towrads him do you want me to put my teeth in a glass so that the sweetness of my lips can be extended all my mouth? (Voulez-vous que je depose dans un verre d'eau mon ratelier pour prologner dans tout mon ppalais la douceur de mes levres.

AJ tuns his head, put put his tongue on the spkes and start rotating the wheel...

end of scene.. filming some parts. but dialgo fades out.. we film form differnt perspectives...