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Scene poetry salon, Rachilde or...

AJ misbehalves, drinks.. but is somehow brilliant... also not nice to evrybody... insulting..e tc.. but drinks absinth wiht vinigrette and ink. see below drinking.. dialogs.. etc.     mesogynist.. anti-woman stuff.. he accuses her of having too mnay women. and ...

reading also Cape times, the spanking machine.. article.. talking about it.. but not rading it all...

actors: AJ, rachille, ibrahim, senegle, as many actors as we have, RG alos in sigh (not talking)

location: Appartment thomas, kitchen, salon...

props: tables.. etc.. salon.. GUN (BULLDOG_ absinth, bicyclette, encre (pelican) vinegrette


dialogs written by RG , red : by other sources

Alfred Jarry used for himself the royal "WE"..


AJ: arrives at the door, with his bicycle (which he calls "ce qui roule/ that which rolls) , he parks it in the front room, and procedes to the door to the lliving room (Thomas apartment). Rachilde welcomes him there: we fillm him parking his bicycle.. - some maid (figurante) opens.

Maid: Entrez Monsieur,

AJ: Excusez moi, que nous emmenons ce qui roule / sorry that we bring that which rolls.

AJ parks and goes towarsd the main room... where Rachilde awaits him: Entrez, entrez... I have heard so much of you, young man

Rachilde still holds knitting stuff in her hand. AJ stares at it and is kind of stupefied, remembering his mother and sister: he suddenly reaches toward her, takes the threat and pulls it and throws the ball of wool on the floor telling her "Ideot, tu finiras par filer au rouet!" - ideot you end up spinning on a wheel.

Rachilde, likewise stupefied, and surprised, is picking up the threat and says: you are welcome, and definitely a Gentelman.

AJ: Madame, Nous avions cru, jusqu'a ce jour, qu'ils etaint ecrits par un homme! Nous voyons que ce n'est pas vrai et c'est bien regrettable. we read your book, and we though it was written by a man but we see that it is not true and we regret it.

they enter and we see people doing small talk and camera lets them go... we see AJ. speaking from far. people who want to talk to him.. etc.. we don' t hear the conversation we see the conversation.. he is offered to drink wine but rejects it...

camera approaches him and he rejects wine:

AJ to maid: Don't you have absinth?

Maid: Yes and leaves to return with a bottle of absinth. He takes the bottle, and asks again:

AJ: Do you also have a bit of vinaigre and a spoon.

the maid again nicks with his head and leaves and comes back.. while AJ. goes to a table and sits down.. starting to pour absinth into a glass and putting some bottle of ink infront of him on the desk. (pellikan) which he takes out of his pocket

Like a drug adict he sits there and creates his own drink... the maid returns wiht the spoon and the vinaigre and he starts to mix it.. at the end of his mixing. he adds a couple of drops of ink adding:

(un grand verre dans lequel il avait verse, par moitie, du vinaigre et de l'absinthe, melange bizarre qu'il liai en y ajoutant une goutte d'encre. )

AJ: c'est le paradis retrouve et nous alons souffrir avec la joie du martyr mon liquid adore. / it s paradise found again and we will suffre with the pleasure of a martyr our most adored liquid.

camera moves again away.. and people look at htemselves, joking , making signs of madness.. and monkey a little bi tabout him..

Rachilde approaches him and asks: Would you like to purchase some stocks of our magazine, le Mercue de France? we would like to have you in our family.

AJ: This is a formidable idea, my parents died only recently within hours of each other and left me some funds we could put to work in your magazine which i have had the pleasure to read and admire for years.

R: My husband and I are ravi.. /delighted.. and would like you to publish some of your recent works ...

AJ: We are reading, working and dreaming on a story we call Beating Women staring an "orthomatic castigator" , or lets interpret it as an "educational flogging-machine"..

people approaching, and AJ pulls out of his pocket paper and starts reading: (text taken from Beating Women)

The apparatus is composed of: a chair which grips teh delinquent as soon as he is at upon it. a system of grooves and panels to delimit exactly the part of his anatomy which is to be operated upon. and a high-precision mechanism which determines the number and intensity of blows administered by a cana of the greatest suppleness.

he is interrupted by cries of astonishment of the people and in particular one older lady (vielle dame) shows interset:

Vielle dame: Est ce que je peux voire votre machine si promettante.. ? / can i come and see this so promissing machine?

AJ: yes, madame, the machine is doing the great work of the flesh and you should witness a great satisfaction in spanking wihtout tiring.

he repeats it preates it "great satisfaction in spanking witouth tiring",... great satisfaction in spanking without tiring ... great satisfaction in spanking without tiring ...


End of this salon scene... with camera on him.. and on her...










salon discussion .. jouranl .. introduciont de la mchiane different scenes. same ssetting. differnt people used in film at different moments. .but filmed together.. same day etc.