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Scene: Purchase      (@street, bicycle shop)   

actors: AJ (already in his bike out fit... head), sales person

location: bicycle shop (marais, vers bastille) .. street of paris. . marais, paris bar.. paris streets.

props: deesse poster..historic bicycle, gun, bar stuff. s


first shot:

postesr hanging on window:


camera moves from poster towarsd window: hitting Alfred Jarry staring onto the poster and then into the shop

camera films from inside..,.. modern contemp. paris bicycle window.

AJ puts his noise on glas,

AJ talking to himself: Merdre, I want this one !

camera travelling horrizontal over all the contempor. bicycle but halts at the historic

AJ enters the shop...

AJ: bonjours,

Saples person seem to know Alfred Jarry,: Boujour Monsieur Jarry

AJ: Aujourd'hui je ne peux plus resister.../Today I can't resists anymore..

Sales person: oui, mais 500 francs / yes, but 5000 Euro

at that moment AJ focuses on the poster and the women on it...

AJ stuttering: I want it. but ... but.. ... I need it now... I have 25 Francs and will pay the rest soon

SP: No.... he hesitates..

AJ takes the bicycle....

SP: .... no .. but . he accepts the money giving him something to sign... AJ looks at it. .signs the paper.. his name address. etc.. takes the bicycle and leaves.. staring again at the poster... yet a second poster becomes visible..

he takes the bike and walks it a bit.. then rides it off..

and stopping at a Paris bar.. taking the bicycle indoor...

ordering: ABsinth.... drinking (contemporayr paris bar) (filming iwhtout much of a deal)

bicycle drinking... and riding again. off... we see him also moving his gun...