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scene fishing


in this scene we see AJ alone fishing at the the river Seine.. Using again a newly adapted "spanking machine" model; . the wheel is put horrizontal with 3 fishing rods attached to the bicycle serving here as fishing rod fixture8

AJ engages in monolog praising his independence and how he doesnt' like to pay and doens't pay his debts....

at one point..


alfred jarry is also drawings.. fishing drawings..



actors: AJ in bike outfit, LENIN (can be played by anybod looking clos.e)

location: paris, les berges du canal

props: guns.. historic bicycle, chair/ fish rods..

monolog AJ: voice over

An taks to himself about his debts

AJ: "Quelle importance l'argent peut-il avoir, ........Nous vivrons du produit de notre chasse et de notre peche, nos livres nous fourniront le reste. ... Et d'ailleurs, si nous faisons des dettes, cela ne regarde que nous...... Nos vivrions cent ans que nous ne ls paierioins pas!"

time passes, he plays with the rods....

then he goes on:

AJ: (randomly inspired / taken and miswritten from his essay "to be and to live": monolog:

in the beginning was thought? or In the beginning was action? or fishing or bicycling>?


let us not introduce a third term, the Word, into the equation, for the word is only thought perceived, either by the person it inhabits, or by the passer-by of the exteriorised world.... interrupts and pauses: sees somebody coming;

camera shifts to passer by: Lenin

Lenin walks by with a piece of a bicycle. - front wheel, somehow lookikng dirty and fucked up. pants broken. etc.

AJ addressing Lenin: Qu'est ce que ce ca / what is going on with you?

Lenin: I was in a car accident. I was riding down hte street with my bicycle, a new deesse, and this huge dark car was crashing me

AJ: this is not nice, this also has happened to me nearly several times. (AJ pulling his guy) this is why I m carrying my gun and if somebody comes close I am pulling the trigger....

Lenin: mais nous, nous ouvrier, nous alons faire une revolution et leur voitures vont etre saisie / we worker, we are going to make a revolution and take away their cars and chop their heads off stuffing it into the trunk. pauses: before that I take the driver to court

AJ: meanwhile.. do you want a fish?

L: non, je viens de manger

AJ: what is your name?

L: Ullay Illyanowitch Lenin, russian revolutionary and your's

AJ: They call me UBU, pecheur, bicyclettist et pataphysician/ fisher, bicyclist and pataphyscian

L: pataquoi?/what pata/peche/ pata fish?

AJ: we are scientiests an invented our proper sciences ourselves , with guns, bicycles and fishing rods, our business is bursting.

L: I can see .. Monseiur UBU,oine day, you should represent me in court with your scientific insturments, if you know what i mean

AJ: we will, with us, you use your toughest people.

L: Lenin, have a nice day and good luck in court/

Lenin: vive la revolution et la bicycle

AJ: taking some absinth : a tout ce qui roule .. he focuses on the fish adn something is hanigng ... some fish is biting

Lenin: you caught something

AJ: yes something is haning. For your revolutionaries: Hanging is better than the guillotine ((this part is taken from: visions of hte present and future)) permanently visible and more elegant: pictures the worm-eaten copreses in the gibbets after the crows have passed., and their own aerial navigation.

lenin leaving definitelhy: nous allons y pensez!

Lenin walks.. speaking to himself: this accident was definitly not as dramatic as the one i had last year in geneva.....

and then we insert parts of my lnein accident animation video;